AWS for Schools

AWS for Schools

CloudTrek is an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner with expertise in the education sector. We have successfully transitioned a number of schools and colleges across Australia into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and, without exception, they have all experienced the undisputed benefits of the AWS environment, such as: 

  • On-Demand Infrastructure - Why invest in permanent infrastructure for short term analytics projects or for other infrequent demands on High Performance Computing capacity? Let CloudTrek deal with the undifferentiated infrastructure deployment and management so that you can focus on delivering high-value services to pupils, teachers and the wider community
  • Administration System Hosting - CloudTrek provides a platform to run your student and financial administration systems within AWS (see TASS.web on AWS)
  • Free up Existing Capacity - we provide the tools and solutions to integrate your existing on-premise resources with the AWS Cloud. By using CloudTrek to enhance and extend your capabilities, without giving up the investments you've already made, you can eliminate the need for further infrastructure expenditure
  • Long Term Archiving - With the explosion of physical and electronic data the ability to store this data for archival and regulatory purposes becomes increasingly difficult. We can show you how to store your archives in long term, low cost, highly durable storage that grows with you

Let us help you to become part of the growing community of businesses taking advantage of the exceptional cloud services that AWS offers. Contact us to find out more.

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