Managed AWS Support

Managed AWS Support

CloudTrek’s AWS Support is more than a Support Desk, we work with you regularly to continually optimise your environment; our proactive approach aims to improve your performance, efficiency and AWS cost. We ensure compliance with your policies, standards and controls for governance, procurement, operations and financial management.

AWS Support Summary

CloudTrek provides various models for ongoing support. These options start as low as $550 per month and will provide you with:

  • 24 x 7 Australian Based Support and Monitoring.
  • No-lock in contracts.
  • Regular discussions to highlight and resolve potential issues, or improve the delivery as required.
  • Improvements to your AWS resources to be in line with the AWS Best Practices for high availability and support.
  • Standard monitoring and alerting based on your application stack, including notifications and integration into our ticketing system to raise support tickets if problems with the platform are occurring. Custom alerts can be developed as an optional feature.
  • On­going assistance with your team to improve the platform, with regular sessions between staff to implement new features as they are required.
  • Regular engagement with your staff to work on improving your site, the key part is these improvements are made over a longer period of time instead of as an output of an immediate issue.
  • Access to our support desk for troubleshooting and assistance where required.
  • Tracking of your support tickets to identify recurring issues with the aim to provide your team with a solution to reduce the occurrence of those issues.

Contact one of our team members and to see how we can best support your business needs.

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