TASS.web on AWS

TASS.web on AWS

Bringing together Schools and AWS - Highly available and no hardware to manage

CloudTrek delivers a cost effective, fully managed platform for running your school by bringing together Amazon Web Services, the world’s dominant cloud provider, and leading schools administration software vendors. Using our breadth of knowledge and experience in AWS deployments, CloudTrek's cloud platform provides your school with a secure, highly available, access anywhere solution hosted within Australia, removing the operational burden of running on-premise and traditional hosted administration systems. Securely linked back to your school, our fully functional cloud platform gives you all the benefits that the leading products provide without the overhead of day to day management.

The Benefits - Why you should be using the AWS platform

  • Long term archiving – low cost, highly durable storage
  • Integrated to your school – secure VPN to your existing network
  • Automated backups – snapshots can be built into the environment
  • On demand infrastructure – you can get started immediately
  • Free up existing capacity – integrate your existing on premise resources
  • Secured system – anti-virus and intrusion protection built in

The Process - Get up and running within a week

For a very competitive cost and a small set up fee, your school can be up and running in AWS within a short period of time. CloudTrek will provide the back end framework, expertise and processes needed to allow your school the immediate opportunity to leverage the benefits of the cloud and doing so in a manner that reduces operational disruption. Our AWS experts will liaise with your school's IT function to gain all the necessary information to build a platform that meets your needs and can be tested thoroughly before going live.

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TASS.web Testimonial - Ken Reid, Director - The Alpha Schools System.

"The CloudTrek/Amazon/TASS.web partnership has now seen many schools move their student/financial/payroll administration and associated teacher, student and parent portals into the Cloud. The services that CloudTrek provide in this partnership makes the transition to running successfully on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a straightforward process for our schools. 

CloudTrek understands AWS and know all of the elements that are essential to make TASS.web run successfully in the Cloud. They will establish Virtual Private Connections back to LDAP and email servers.  They can configure and manage backups and install TASS.web on exactly the correct Amazon server infrastructure for your school. They also run automated monitoring services that keep an eye out for any problems on your installation. 

"If you are thinking of Amazon Web Services to run TASS.web in the Cloud, then think CloudTrek." 


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